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Ok, I’ve been out of town for a few weeks, and a few weeks more.  But haven’t been slack on the research.  At the moment, am looking over the shoulder of Archeologists that work with the Mountville project south of Tuscaloosa, AL, where the Unv. of AL has custody of the Woodland period mounts there.

In the meantime, have been mining the resources of old Atlanta Constitution files, and found a few interesting articles – notably the announcement of construction of the “Paces Ferry Track” in 1929 displaytrack_pdf ; and description of “Iceville” (the other resort) on the Chattahoochee . Also, found a sketch of the R. M. Rose distillery at Gilmore (where they rebuilt after the Stillhouse location burned).

More later…

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First Vinings Pavilion?

Apparently, the first attempt at tourism in Vinings started earlier than the “Vinings Pavilion” later built by the W & A RR. The Atlanta Constitution, April 1869, ran the following ad, which was followed by flowery descriptive articles later in the Spring of those accepting:

Invitation to Vinings

Invitation to Vinings

Which would make this month, the 140th anniversary of partying in Vinings…

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Vinings Coffee – Not

One cannot get coffee in the morning – anywhere in Vinings – since Starbucks closed… What the hell? (Starbucks on the hill doesn’t count)


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