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Vinings CW Stuff

Many know that I, with permissions on private property, have been sorting out scatter from undiscovered  local CW recoveries around Vinings.  While difficult, there are a few things recovered and continuing… (note:  Items found are retained by owners of the property and phtographed for documentation. If one has undeveloped parts of property drop me an e-mail if will allow a non-invasive survey for items).

cwmis early railroad spike – Stillhouse Rd; unknown; 2 CW spent mini-balls – Stillhouse Rd; CW canteen pin – Mt.; CW cannon cotter pin – Paces Ferry…







CW shell fragment – Paces Ferry;  CW era bridle ring – Stillhouse Rd; two CW era clips – Mt.; partial CW spent mini-ball frags – Mt…







CW era axe-head – Paces Ferry…


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4 Roses – Not


In answer to a question, a whiskey brand of  RM Rose Distillery, when in Vinings/Gilmore, was never “Four Roses.”Beginning shortly after the Civil war, Rose Distillery produced a number of  brands up until 1908.  Georgia invoked prohibition in 1908, and Roses Distillery moved to Chattanooga, TN and shortly thereafter Paul Jones, who took over the company, started the name Four Roses.  The brand reached it’s marketing height in the 1920’s and 30’s, and R.M. Rose, the original founder, by then was not associated with the company or the brand devised.

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I generally avoid being critical of Vinings  “off history,” which one sees in advertising or from a past quoted assumption that seems to have more gravitas than reality.  “Four Roses” distillery on Stillhouse Road is one – (that distillery burned in 1904, another opened in Gilmore, and Rose never produced “Four Roses” while in Georgia before 1908 when prohibition forced the company to move to Tennessee). However, the most pervasive seems to be Hardy Pace and his vast “real estate empire of 10,000 acres owned from Buckhead to Vinings.”  Argh.

He “might” have, at one time or another, cumulatively owned a lot of land between the two points, but nothing proves more that 2 to 3,000 acres at a time.  Most of which, he bought, traded, or bartered after the Gold Lottery around Vinings, but he also sold, bartered, or traded much of that land about as fast as he accumulated it.  It’s just something that gets repeated over and over again, I guess because it “sounds better.”

i.e. from the “Bright Side,”August 2009 regarding the VHPS Tour of Homes : ” …purchased 10,000 acres from the state of Georgia in 1838 for $5 an acre.”  Really?

Below is the 1860 census extract on Pace, indicating he had “2,ooo” acres valued at $29,500. If he owned more, he would have been of the character to say so.


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Kennesaw Battle et al

Back… (having been on the west coast for a couple of weeks)

I found a rare sketch reproduction from a JFE Hilles (1864) showing the battle of Kennesaw Mt., which should be of interest to CW inclinations (here)   Otherwise, will be returning to a couple of  digs and surveys around Vinings to see what pops out of the ground.

Some late Spring Vining  recoveries have included some early coins, cannon-styled shards, bits of imprinted ceramics, CW era scatter –  canteen cork, some mini-balls, and a horse/mule bridle ring. Images will be posted on bleufalcon.org – as found.

Other up-dates: The Vinings Cemetery is starting to get an up-keep boost from members of families buried there (take a look going up Paces Ferry), as the County is looking at a historical marker for same. Two “Vinings area” archaeology sites, with evidence of early Indian scatter, have been isolated and in process of being surveyed and researched to make the case for Dept of Natural Resource/Unv. of GA advancing approval and forensics.

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Why an Org?

I’ve gotten a couple of questions on why I decided to put up a domain.org.  Leaving town this morning for a couple of weeks, I’ll summarize, and give some hints to flash  domain clicking for the novice.

For one thing it’s easier to find.  bleufalcon.org is simpler than vinings.wordpress.com.  Space, capacity, and central linking is another. My curiosity for research covers several interests – some related, some not.  It’s weird enough that I nose around finding obscure historics on Vinings, but I’m also intently involved in researching the riddle of Indian presents along the Chattahoochee in North Georgia.  Other interests include both fictional and non-fictional writing on the South, photography, Southern humor, Guitar and dobro in only open G, strange art (now want to learn an odd art called “rock balancing” – stacking large rocks in ways that defy gravity), et al…

One may know I’m doing one thing, sans other. A “site” allows access to all of these, and the capacity to join in, question, and otherwise interact as an open invitation.  So bleufalcon.org is a way to not only document, but to experiment and participate.  It is meant to be invitational.

A large collection of material is slowly being added, and it will take some intuitive “flash” site clicking to get to it all.  Hover at the lower left “Menu” or “Home” for areas covered, and use the .01-.08 at the bottom to browse subject gallaries. Images have “about image” at the top left giving information and often links to enlarge and link to materials. It’s not a game of Myst, but it’s not designed to hand you stuff on a silver platter either.

So get a cup of coffee and explore. When I get back, we’ll go deeper… with some surprises : )

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At Last…

As of 10 mins ago,  I completed (ok, still working on...) the new flash site for all related Bleufalcon projects: Vinings history, Standing Peachtree, and some other developing stuff. This blog can be accessed from the new bleufalcon.org !!! 

Look for new expansions and materials to be progressively added.

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