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Haunting Article


This morning’s Vining Neighbor is running an article on local “haunting.” They left out the helpful bar-back apparition at the Vinings Inn, noisey noises in a back room of the fire station, the old grey haired free-floating resident ghost on Stillhouse Rd (not me), music emitting toilet on Paces Ferry Dr., the mysterious window cracking of a certain blue office building, voodoo references to Nellie Mae Rowe, and a number of fires over the years attributed to Union Army ghost still trying to burn Vinings down since 1864.

There are others, suffice to say amply, frequencies of ghostly anomalies in Vinings.  None of which, were “discovered” by Native Americans as quoted in the article.  The gentleman found hanging in the Pace Cemetery by Union Soldiers in 1864 was a Ben Duncan from Griggsville, Ga. (according to papers found on him). There was no Griggsville in Georgia, but one in Illinois, and some believe he may have been hung as a spy.

Just to correct, – not that anybody will notice.

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Hardy Pace’s Grave

Hardy Pace died in Dec. 1864, and is buried in the Pace Cemetery on Vinings Mt., with his wife Lucy, son Bushrod, and son & wife Solomon and Penelope Pace.  The original configuration of his burial was a marble vault, which was destroyed by vandals and lies about his broken inscribed stone…


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Crossing the river between Fulton and Cobb County has a long tenure here.  It was a transition point between two sides farmed by an ancient culture; a trading and entry point into Cherokee Indian territory;  a primary route into settled lands as Indians were being removal; the crossing bridge for the W & A Railroad being laid south; a defended point of resistance against Union forces in the Civil War;  a transportation route of rail, car, and urban transit trolley by the early 1900’s.  A lot of history passed this way…

Where Atlanta Road passes over today, was south of the Defoor Ferry crossing and north of the initial W & A railroad bridge (later reconstructed 800 yards south to compensate for a dangerous curve into the rail yards).  


Defoor ferry, originally was JMC Montgomery’s ferry crossing, which was used for the Coast Line (better and later known as the Seaboard) bridge, which can be seen up river today.


The historic significance of these passage points is understated and generally overlooked, but then we tend to construe passage as just a means of facilitating, not for the toil and visions of their origin.

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Elvis in Vinings?

Never happened.  But while in the antique business in Memphis several years ago, I had two people come in with “odd” Elvis collectibles. One (I swear true), had a mounted dental front tooth cap, for which the story was, Elvis had a cap on one of his front teeth, and this was the last one (ready if needed),before his death.  He bought it from the dentist. Creepy, …but even creepier was what he wanted for it – $25,000.

The other had a set of original grainy photographs from the late 50’s they had taken, when Elvis received a custom Cadillac delivered to his house (pre-Graceland).  Think they were asking $100 each, but kept scanned copies by permission.  I’ve never showed them, but here are the thumbnails (never published).  Nothing to do with here, but then he was a part of everywhere, and most people’s history.


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St Johns Update and Alert

UPDATE: as a result of exposure,  as of late November 09, area has be “cleared” – thanks to Cal Dortch, follow up by Commissioner Bob Ott, and co-operation of property ownership. The situation was determined to have been an illigal dumping of materials by unknown contractors…. background is left up as a warning against happening again.

The former St Johns African-American Settlement being used as a concrete dump (reported yesterday and below), has drawn both ire and defense.

Proponents of the area park proposal, are raising proper hell with the County, after ownership has admitted knowledge of  “illegal dumping” and their inability to secure County cooperation to close Settlement Road to prevent same.

As a result, political recourse is being sought to effect County cooperation to put a stop to it.


In the mean time, if you live in the Log Cabin-Wood Bend-Farmington area two things are suggested: (1.) Contact Commissioner Ott’s office and voice attention to a solution; and (2.) if dump trucks are observed turning on to Settlement Rd, please  record, and report such immediately. Note  name, logo/phone #, and license number to the Cobb County Police precinct, and forward to bleufalcon@aol.com  Rest assured, whoever it is, will get some attention… Obviously (best case), would be to identify culprits, and see citations, fines, and recourse to have concrete removed, put into effect.

(Worse case) – Despite the damage already incurred, the amount of flood damaged materials being moved around could wind up adding to the problem if not stopped – and you’ve got a de facto landfill going on.

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This is how you hear things on one hand, and if you bother to look, find it on the other…. Not supposed to know.
St. Johns Settlement Oct 1, 2009

St. Johns Settlement Oct 1, 2009

Behind a 100+ tons of recently dumped broken concrete is a sensitive African-American slave and decendent cemetery along with a civil war CSA placement from the original Johnston River Line.  This is also a Vinings property, to which, after displacing the community for mega $$$ development (not going to happen), the “benevolent”  offer was made to sell it to the county for a park.

In the mean time, either themselves, or allowing somebody else to dump tons of concrete totally blocking any family access to visit their cemetery ad infinitum. And yes, the piles are higher and more obstructional way back in there.

In my opinion, this is another prime example of egregious disregard and insensitivity of historical place and race, which amounts to convenient eithnic defilement.   

Pisses me off…..

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Little Vinings Trivia

Just in case one has a complacency about whether Vinings can claim any interesting history:

1. What past Vinings artist has work in the High Museum, Smithsonian, and several New York galleries?

2. Famous train engine that languished on a siding in Vinings, for several years before being recovered?

3. Civil Rights leader who played in Vinings as a child?

4. Individual who originally scripted out the “Coca-Cola” logo?

5. Appeared on the 1950’s show “What’s My Line,” posing as a garbage can sales person?

6. Who first had an Inn and Ferry in Vinings?

answers in right column….

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