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… more quiet goings ons in communal history:


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They just keep showing up (Marietta Journal May 1911)


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A Robinson Dang It

Nobody had stills in Vinings.  Nobody made corn liquor, or ran it. That is, until they got caught….  The “W F” Robinson in the following was (ahem… the judge), and the “Sap” Williams was a mis-name, being “Uncle Sol” Williams – you know, the one who lived with his mule in the front room.

Seems Robinson and Young skated past the system, but Sol (later found), was sentenced to a year on a chain-gang…. and the liquor? ummmm


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Vinings History Trivia

I keep finding more small, but interesting, trivial nuances about old history – which as I do, will pass on in their rarity… This from April 1896:


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Hold Hands and Hum…

You’ve likely seen (many times), the TV ad running on “spend your vacation in Atlanta,”sorta unspecific as to what you’re supposed to be doing or how you’re “saving” money, what…? Games of miss-the-pothole, or first-one-to-spot-a-clean-restaurant-eats. Why go there, when you can beat the vacation blues by watch-a-train-go-by, or spend-an-evening-at-Chucky Cheese right here.


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Cobb Kinda Xmas

from “Vanishing Georgia – Cobb County” (early 50’s).  What every kid needed, a wish list for various calibers of ammunition…good grief.

xmas guns

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Another old photo from the “Vanishing Georgia” archives, with the heading “1890 survey crew near Vinings” – complete with dogs.  The guy holding a white flag, makes it look like a diamond on his hat…

1890 survey crew vinings

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