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Vinings Done…

I’ve been delving into the history and provenance of Vinings for a couple of years +.  Three generations of my family, and their friends, left traces of place in my memory and provided  clues to unraveling a true sense of a Vinings myth.  Most of which, has been shared with the community in talks, blogs, pictures, and the book “Vinings Revisted”, published in 2008.

There are still some remnant mysteries about, and some oversighted preservations which should be attentioned, remaining. The designations and perpetuity of  the Pace and Black community cemeteries for one. They represent the origin, soul, and art of Vinings, and should be appropriately recognized and preserved.

There is also a tendency to voice incorrect historical context, which “sounds” better than factual evidences, but if required to garner financial contribution – so be it.  Sometimes the fish has to be at least so long to make it a story.  The history of Vinings, Ga is deep enough for both the pureist and the echoist to co-exist.   

The crown jewels of historic research were determining the individual for who Vinings is named (William H. Vining), and spending real-time story exchanges with the likes of Margaret George, Norman Robinson, and Roy Brawell – elder original residents of the area from the early 1900’s.  The Robinson family going as far back as the 1840’s, and the building of the railroad.

I was happy to make my contribution to documenting Vinings, as a richer, deeper characterized myth – non-gratis. However, as must be, this is not and infinite and lineal process, and is being concluded.

My thanks to many others who have contributed, and to Gillian Greer at the Vinings Historical Preservation Society, for promoting the forum of  public historical disclosure.

Anthony Doyle (March 10)

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